Mobile Pet Vet


An exciting new company to serve your veterinary needs!


Mobile Pet Vet is a veterinary house call practice providing wellness care to dogs and cats in the central Connecticut area.  Working with certified veterinary technician Julie Barton, Dr. Kim Rio will spend time with each pet and its owner to examine the animal and develop a health care plan specific to that pet.  Working in the home affords many benefits.  The stress of the car ride and the wait in a busy waiting room are avoided, as are the exposure to other pets and potential infections.  Flexible scheduling allows busy pet owners to avoid wasting time waiting for appointments in a busy clinic.  Senior citizens and those with mobility problems also benefit from in-home care.

Our practice offers basic wellness care which includes physical examinations, vaccinations, heartworm testing for dogs, a full range of comprehensive blood tests and medical care for non-emergency conditions such as skin infections, ear infections and chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease and other endocrine disorders.  We can also assist with end of life care and planning.


Kim Rio, DVM                                                      (203) 584-1211